About the Author

Two years ago I moved to the Twin Cities after having spent three months doing a work exchange in an intentional community in Missouri called Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. At Dancing Rabbit I got up every morning and took out a canoe to gather duckweed for my hosts’ chickens, spent my days making cheese from fresh goat’s milk, and got to every where I needed to go by strolling down the main street of the village, which was typically populated by people, cats, and solar ovens, and only once a vehicle.

Though I knew a few people living in the cities when I moved here, in my day-to-day life I felt surrounded by strangers. Though I still have met only a few of my neighbors,  I do now have “islands” of community, the strongest of which is Unity Church, and specifically its Young Adult Group.

This year, I’m hoping to forge deeper connections within the Young Adult Group, Unity Church, and eventually the broader area of St. Paul (or at least the 5-mile radius around my house). Though I’m unsure that I can achieve the same sense of being enveloped by a whole “continent” of community, the way I did at Dancing Rabbit, I think I can, at least, move beyond my sense of community as isolated islands.

Hoping you will join me on this journey of connection,